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        This is one of the more interesting series to come out of Japan in a while. It was originally released as a 4 part OVA series. This series was well animated, had great character designs, and had an almost incomprehensible plot line. For these reason, it was an instant success in Japan. It has recently been made into a TV series that is quite intriguing from what I have seen of it and I definitely want to know where they are going with the series.
        The series revolves around Miyu (an unusual vampire who looks like a young Japanese girl) and her blood bound companion Larva (her masked companion who used to be the coolest non-speaking character in Anime - unfortunately in the TV series he now talks - making him less cool). Their task is to seal all of the demon/gods that escaped back into void where they can no longer interfere in the lives of humanity. While Miyu appears to be child, she has the experience and cynicism of several lifetimes, making her quite different from your normal air head or overly muscled anime character. This is especially true in her morality, which is no longer what we would call completely human (you'll understand this very quickly when you see how she normally interacts with humans). This series is very different from most anime series out there and seems to fall under the category of tragedy whenever Miyu is forced to act (and you wonder why she is cynical).