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        El Hazard is a comedy-fantasy series that has gone through two TV series and two sets of OVAs. Its plot revolving around the exploits of a small group of earthlings (three students and one drunken teacher) who are brought to a world of magic and high science. Unfortunately, one of the male students (Makota) looks like the kidnapped princess and is soon forced into cross dressing in order to become a substitute for the missing princess. Another of the students (Jinnai) soon joins up with the opposing evil side led by a beautiful bug queen. The princess's lesbian lover, some magically powerful priestesses, a hoard of bug monsters that want to take over the world, a cat that can become armor, and a slightly confused super-powerful robot with the ability to destroy anything (as long as she is well wound up) fills out the rest of the first TV season and first OVA cast. The second season continues where the first OVA series left off and contains a slightly more adult plot line. There is a second OVA series, but I have not seen it and do not know the plot lines for it (but I should be seeing them shortly).