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Mecha and Dilandru

        Escaflowne is a series based on the adventures of a young high school girl (Hitomi) who is brought to Gai, a world where knights wage war within mechanized armor, dragons breathe fire through mysterious power gems, and the earth is seen as a phantom moon. There she becomes involved in war, political maneuvering and magical science that could end all conflict and all life on Gai. It may only be her visions derived from her Tarot Card and pendant and the struggle of the young deposed king (Van) and his mecha (Escaflowne) that could save this world.

       Character design was done by the same person who did Five Star stories, Gunnm, and Record of the Lodos War. Mecha design was done by the person who did the Macross Plus mecha. Computer integrated graphics were done utilizing the same software used in Ghost in the Shell. This was the first  major 'tour de force' in recent anime that was done specifically for TV. A great series for both new and old anime watchers.

        A movie based loosely on the TV series should be out in the near future. The character designs are a bit different and the plot line and character development are supposed to be different from the TV series.