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Yui and Senshi


        An excellent piece of anime, that revolves around a story within a story within a story. It has elements of fantasy, romance, comedy, adventure, and drama that seems to make this series enjoyable to just about everyone who sees it. The plot line basically revolves around a young student by the name of Miaka who enters a story and becomes a character in that story (being read by her best friend Yui and later her brother). In this story, she becomes the intermediary between one of the gods and goes on a quest for three wishes. But the quest is not as simple as she is led to believe, since where there is one intermediary for the gods, there can just as easily be two and their wishes may not be complementary to each other.

        The series ran for 52 episodes and 2 sets of OAVs. I strongly recommend this series to anyone who has not seen it before or as a first piece of anime for an anime neophyte. I am always looking for any good cels from this series.