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        Gundum is an extremely long running anime series that has gone through multiple different time lines and permutations. The original series revolved around the conflicts between Jonum (the space colonies) and Earth. The war goes on continuously with neither side being able to claim final victory. Eventually, new type (telepath) children are utilized and the war escalates out of control as both sides reach new lever of destructive capacity and the fighting turns personal.
        My favorite gundum series is Gundum Wing. It is alternate time line version where Jonum never appeared and the colonies are only now trying to break away from earth. To do this, they send in five extraordinarily powerful gundums piloted by fanatical pilots to take out the earth military forces. While they succeed in taking out the earth military forces, they enable a revolution engineered by an earth military faction to succeed. This puts the colonies in even greater peril and leaves the pilots scrambling to find a way to somehow achieve the colonies desire for peace when they are no longer acceptable or wanted by the either the earth or the colonies. Their attempt to bring about peace are further complicated by new technology, emotion scars, machinations of the scientists who created the Gundum, and differences in ideology on what a lasting peace has to be based upon.
       The current Gundum series (Turn a Gundum) is set in very distant future and somehow is supposed to bring together all of the normal timeline gundums (0080, 0083, the movies, Zeta, 8th Mobile Suit Team, V) and all of the alternate gundums (Wing and a couple others I am forgetting). I heard no one has been particularly satisfied with the Turn a Gundum series and especially the fact that the main mecha has a mustache. Of the Gundam series that I have seen, Wing, X, Zeta, 0080, 0083, 8th Mobile Suit Team and the original series (probably best watched in their condensed movie form) are the most worth watching.
        The best thing about the whole series, in my opinion, is what they consider the ideal tactical weapon for attacking earth. This ideal weapon is a satellite colony being dropped on earth to destroy large portions of the planet at one time. This definitely get an "A" for originality in my book.