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Ranma and the Males

Ranma and the Females

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      Have you ever had that problem of not knowing which sex you would be in the morning? No. Well meet the individual, Ranma, who made that question not just a hypothetical question. In a freak martial art training accident (where he fell into the pool of the drowned girl - a very tragic story), he acquired the ability/curse to become a woman whenever he gets soaked with cold water.
        Now you would think that this would not necessarily be a bad thing (getting to see how the other half lives and all that sort of stuff), but Ranma is a macho male and he also knows that if his Mom ever found out she would kill him (quite literally). His father is not much help in the situation, since he has been cursed into the form of Panda most of the time and is not much help when he is human. Throw into the mix, the fact that he is supposed to be engaged to a girl (Akane) who doesn't want to be married and things start to get complicated. Then throw in the facts that he has a number of other women chasing after him who both want to marry his male form and kill his female form and things get really complicated. Then to add further confusion, throw in a male that wants to marry his female form and kill his male form. Finally add in a panty-raiding hentai, an energy draining school teacher, Ranma's fear of cats, a sworn enemy, the mother of the enraged scantily clad amazon out to marry him, a mercantile sister-in-law, and the fact that almost everyone in the series eventually winds up getting cursed into one form or another and you gets a very complicated mess. The mess was in fact so complicated that the series lasted for many years without ever having to resort to such a thing as a linear plot line.
        A good series to watch for around 20 something eps anywhere in the series, but after that it gets a bit repetitive.