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The Girls from Earth

Enemies and Allies


        A series involving three junior high school girls from earth who are magically transported to Rayearth and get magic, armor, and short skirts - making this another magical girl series. The first season is extremely well done and revolves around the quest for magical robots that are required to save the world. The most interesting thing about this series is that it plays out just like an RPG game. The characters go up in level and ability, the music seems to be from the Legend of Zelda, and the whole thing is quest driven with an unexpected twist at the end. The one thing that is missing is a little health meter on the screen to show how much life they have left when they fight. I have not seen much of the second season, but it plot line revolves around the selection of a new pillar to sustain a world created solely by faith and belief. Unfortunately, whoever is chosen as the new pillar will get to reshape the world in their own image and many less than noble people what this power. The OAVs are quite good, but are independent of the TV series plot lines.