Cels I am looking for


I am looking for high grade, good group shots, and critical scene cels from the following series.  I am also always looking for Hanken Mono cels from almost any series.  There are a number of other series that I would consider collecting from, but which are not mentioned on this list. For this reason, if you have a great cel from a series not mentioned on my list, ask.

The cels that I am really looking for:

Gunnm - Gally, Gally and Yugo together
Last Unicorn - Unicorn, group shots
Nausicaa - Nausicaa
 The cels I would like to get badly:
AMG - Goddess, Group shots
Escaflowne - Group shots, nice cels w/ backgrounds 
Gunbuster - any of the female protagonists
Irresponsible Captain Taylor - Azailan, Yuriko to a lesser extent.
Macross Plus - The main characters
Nadesico - cels of the females
Record of the Lodoss War (OVA preferred, but would take TV) - Deedlit, Group shots
The other Miyazaki films
Vampire Princess Miyu - Miyu and Larva together, Larva masked
Cowboy Bebop - Faye
Slayers - Lina in Alternate outfits I don't have
 The Cels I would like:
BGC original - any of Knights sabers in or out of Hardsuits
DNA^2 - Karin, lesser extent any of the other girls
El Hazard - Ifurita
FY - group shots, miaka, seichi, yuui
Macross - Nice cels of the original cast
Maze - maze (female),  group shots
Nadia - Jean or Nadia (prefer together)
Saber Marionette J - any of the sabers
Slayers -  OVA or TV cels of Lina, group shots, Lina and Gourry together
Super Atragon - Female protagonist
Tenchi - Washu, prefer OVA or game
Trigun - Vash, Merryl, Milly, Group shots
Video Girl Ai - Ai