Information about my cels 
collection and things to know 
before sending me an e-mail


      The web pages contain commentary on a number of popular anime shows and the cels that I have from those series. Scanning quality and size is variable depending on when I did the scan and how much work I wanted to do in regards to cleaning up the scan.

    The cels which I am interested in selling are on my "For Sale" page. If a cel is not on my "For Sale" page, then do not ask me if I want to sell a cel from my personal gallery.  The answer is NO and I will not respond.  I also will not respond to e-mails asking me how much I want for some cel in my personal cel galleries. 

      If these answers do not satisfy you, you are welcome to send an offer, which I will most likely ignore.  Please do not be offended if I do not get back to you, but I honestly do not have time to answer all of these e-mail, especially when they are really off base.  For this reason, if you want me to respond, make sure your offer is extremely actractive.

      I do trade cels on occassion, but I am only really looking for High 'B' to 'A' grade cels, shots from great scenes, or great group shots from series that I collect or are on my "Wish List".  If you wish a trade, I really prefer if we can mutually browse each other's gallery and see if we can come up with a list of cels that each of us desire from the other. Do not send me a bunch of jpgs, especially if I did not ask you to send me the images. 

        I hope you enjoy my collection and if you have any information on what episode a cel might be from or any other comments, please send me an e-mail.

Finally, the legal component. All rights to the characters and shows are held by a number of international corporations that normal people should not mess with. None of the cel here are used for any commercial purpose (so please do not sue me) and all are currently in my possession. Please do not copy any of cels images off my web page without my permission. Use of these cel images in any way for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited (see clause about big mean international corporations).